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Mission Statement
The Mission Statement for this website is "Visual Novels for the World"
There are three main objectives, they are: 1) Make visual novels popular in the West.
2) Promote fan translation and 3) Create a community that celebrates fan translation and fan sharing.

Basically I wanted to spread VNs because they are something that I love dearly.
"Visual novels are like anime except usually much longer, which means you get to spend more time with the characters. Because screentime is not as limited, you can afford to play out lengthy conversations that would not have been possible in TV anime. As a result, the characters tend to be more developed. But the defining characteristic of VNs is that the player is invited to substitute themselves in place of the protagonist, so that incidents in the story or relationships with other characters are what is happening to yourself. This creates a profoundly personal experience like no other (although you don't have to play it this way). And lastly, because they are mostly romance-themed which is my favourite."
- Aaeru (Twitter: @Aaeru_)

About me: I spend most of my time reading VNs, sometimes working on this site, and sometimes fansubbing anime/translating games. Right now working on Mashiro Iro no Symphony with George and the others. Also a proud member of the Pirate Party of Australia. [My twitter].
Site Developers: Vax (coded the site), ilegend (coder/optimization), evangeline (css/html), nayleen (coder), Ch******* (system admin).

>>> I wrote an article: Spreading culture does not decrease supporters. It increases it. Hope you enjoy it.