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Summary: The Seijou Girls’ Academy Kendo Club is traveling to Shoushinji for a Summer training camp. Near there is an island, Urashima, where legend has it a demon extermination took place long ago. They arrive around the time of a festival which honors a god that is worshipped by the people of Urashima; it celebrates the onitaiji and ensure another year of health for the people. Around the time of the festival, the weather around Urashima worsens and storms will come. A few days into their training, Osanai Shouko finds a girl washed up on the shores near the location of the training camp. She cannot speak and doesn’t seem to know much about herself...
Game is fully voiced.
  • Change your System Locale to Japanese.
  • "The game crashes shortly after the OP."
  • If you move it to C:\Program Files\ it should run with no real problems. If that fails, try updating DirectX. Note it's C:\Program Files (x86)\ for Windows 7, 8 and Vista users.

  • Make sure you are not still seeding the torrent when you play because the bittorrent client locks your files into read-only and causes problems with saving.