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  • Casual Romance Club
  • Company: Libido
  • Release date: Dec 13, 1996
  • Rating: 18+
  • Freeware: No
  • Genres: Drama, Gameplay, Romance
  • EGS Score: 55 out of 100 from 120 votes. (What is this?)
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Summary: You are a teenage boy in high school. You join the Casual Romance Club in order to meet other people and perhaps find love. There are twelve girls you can approach, each one possessing her own unique beauty and personality. Use your time and efforts wisely and you may just get yourself more than a casual romance... You are given a month to shop around and win somebody's love, after which you'll ask the girl of your choice to keep seeing you even after the club adjourns. Each game day starts at the Starry Sky restaurant, with the club notebook laid out for you. The club notebook has the lowdown on all the girls -- their basic statistics, pictures, horoscopes, likes, dislikes, etc. The girls also record their thoughts and reactions on daily events next to their horoscopes, so reading the club notebook can prove vital to your success.
  • Team
  • Completed: Mar 25, 2003
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This is a windows PC game, despite the picture being from the Sega Saturn version!
  • General tips
  • Run in windows XP compatibility mode and as administrator. If game crashes, use CLUB16.EXE instead of CLUB.EXE.

  • "How do you start new game without losing CGs?"
  • Download this file: 2MHitNo.2.lzh. After that run the game through the patch you just downloaded. Along with that patch is an album which lets you see all the CGs you have aquired from previous games. You have to play the game through the new patch you downloaded otherwise the CGs won’t be saved. (thx oldiebutagoodie)