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Summary: A time far in the future.
In Midorijima, an island to the southwest of the Japanese islands.
People and nature once coexisted on this plentiful island.

However, due to being purchased by the leading company of Japan "Toue Company", one third of the island has been changed into the extravagant amusement facility "Platinum Jail". Equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, Platinum Jail has gathered attention. On the other side, the islanders who became victims of forceful development are forced into the "Former Residents District", and have no choice but to carry out their lives in in a place that is by no means prosperous.

The protagonist Aoba spends his days working part-time at the junk shop "Heibon" inside the Former Residents District, living together with his grandmother Tae.

Among the young people of the Former Residents District, a certain game has become popular. In "Liebstiez", teams are created and days of human-bullet turf wars unfold. On the other hand, "Rhyme" is electronic brain online game using a virtual world as its setting that "Rhymers" are going crazy over. Aoba shows shows no interest in either one, thinking that it would be nice to just live peacefully with his grandmother.

But a disaster that will shake up those peaceful days has already begun...
IMPORTANT: You may need to run sdrt4280j.exe first before running DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe in order for it to work.

Step by step guide: http://alwayswatchingyoudotjpeg.tumblr.com/post/66148071250/saw-that-since-new-people-found-dmmd-they-wanted
  • Change your System Locale to Japanese.
  • It's normal for the game to go black screen, from a few sec to minutes, depends on each computer. It's the crack bypassing the ID registration program. But if the black screen closes itself or freezes or an error appears:
  • 1) Try using AppLocale instead of the setting-system-locale-to-Japanese method.
    2) Make sure you meet the minimal system requirements. Close all other programs to ensure you have enough RAM.
    3) Update Directx [microsoft.com].
    4) Install video codecs such as CCCP or K-Lite.
    5) Your anti-virus may be disrupting the game. Turn it off or ask it to ignore needed files.
    6) Restart you computer and hope it'll set itself right.
    7) Run from DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe rather than DMMD.exe

  • "I'm unable to save."
  • Try running the game in admin mode, also try installing in a different location (e.g. install to C:\Users\yourname\My Documents ) Make sure your username on the computer doesn't have strange symbols on it.

  • Stop the Torrent from Seeding!!! (open bittorrent program's window, right click on the torrent, click "Stop").
  • because it locks your files into read-only and causes problems with saving.

    Still having problems? Have a look at our extended troubleshooting thread.