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  • Galaxy Angel
  • Company: Broccoli
  • Release date: Aug 23, 2002
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Freeware: No
  • Genres: Action, All-Ages, Drama, Gameplay, Romance, Science-Fiction
  • EGS Score: 78 out of 100 from 78 votes. (What is this?)
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Summary: Galaxy Angels are from the "Special Guardian Division" and they work closely with the "Imperial Special Guards" and the "Satellite Defense Teams". They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers.
  • Team
    Team: Seiha Translations
    Translator: Aroduc
    Editor: hikago
  • Completed: May 23, 2013
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This is the first part of the three Galaxy Angel games that have been translated. The second is Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, and third is Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers.

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