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Summary: Tomoaki is your average university student, however one day he receives a strange flyer which said that there was an easy job which anyone could do and it was offering a 30,000 yen wage per day. So, Tomoaki went to the address on the flyer since he really needed to money. The address actually led Tomoaki to a beautiful big house with lots of stewards. It turns out that the owner of the residence would be away so Tomoaki would have to act as head steward and keep everything under control in the owners absence. So he started his work as head steward, however being around all these butlers and trying to complete the almost impossible request from the boss has awakened his sadistic side. What will happen to him now?
Note: Save often. The engine likes to get very...finicky, after day 10 or so.
  • "Missing d3dx9_43.dll"
  • A missing d3dx9_43.dll is a common error when trying to play any kind of computer game. You need to update DirectX [microsoft.com]

  • "I cannot save the game."
  • The saving issue is a user permissions issue. Try running the game in admin mode. if that doesn't fix it then check your user permissions. -debono9

  • "The font get bigger and align themselves from line to line and becomes really hard to read."
  • Start the game in full screen, then switch it back to windowed mode after playing for a little. [aarinfantasy.com]

  • Norton and some other Anti-viruses may quarantine your Hadaka_en.exe files. You must stop it from doing this!
  • This is a save file that comes AFTER the 2nd movie.
  • Put this into the 'SaveData' folder inside your game folder and it will overwrite the 2nd block. Start the game and load it up. (via ShippoK)

  • "There is an error 666 system what should i do?"
  • Compatibility issue with pre-installed version. You need to install the game yourself. Grab the .ISO here. Get the English Patch here.

  • "I can't read anything at all. The text is all seperated and jumbled up!"
  • You're using the incorrect .exe file. Use the one named 'Hadaka_en.exe' If you don't see it, turn off your virus checker and redownload the patch. -debono9

  • Make sure you are not still seeding the torrent when you play because the bittorrent client locks your files into read-only and causes problems with saving.
  • Still having problems? Have a look at our extended troubleshooting thread.