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  • Lamune
  • Company: NekoNeko Soft
  • Release date: Jul 30, 2004
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Freeware: No
  • Genres:
  • EGS Score: 73 out of 100 from 683 votes. (What is this?)
  • VNDB
  • Translation Progress: 24%

  • Translation Status: Nanami route partial patch released, Hikari route 1436/6085 lines translated
Summary: Summer nears, with the protagonist Tomosaka Kenji continuing to attend the local high school.
"Won't something finally happen this year",
he thinks while feeling a somewhat throbbing sensation. At the same time a strange uneasiness grabs hold of him as summer vacation starts....

The various heroines he comes in contact with include his clumsy childhood friend Konoe Nanami, his energetic cousin Nakazato Hikari, his bright and honest little sister Suzuka and the earnest and duty-bound Isawa Tae-senpai.
  • Team
    Translator: Zoom909
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