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Summary: Muv-Luv Alternative takes place after the events of the original Muv-Luv. Alternative focuses on the life of Shirogane Takeru three years after Muv-Luv; Takeru wakes up believing that everything that had happened was just a dream. However, he notices something wrong: he has been sent back in time to the beginning of the events in Muv-Luv: Unlimited. But instead of letting a disaster strike again, he decides to help stop it before it even begins. The solution: helping to complete Alternative IV.
  • Team
    Amaterasu Translations
  • Completed: Sep 05, 2011
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Note: This game requires installation but it's easy. Just follow the 3 steps provided.

  • Change your System Locale to Japanese.
  • "i cant install the english patch it keeps telling me it cant open certain folders for writing"
  • Run installer as administrator (right click on .exe)

  • "not working on windows 7/8"
  • Game may not work on windows 7/8 or it crashes. (try XP compatibility mode and cross your fingers)

  • "turn off anti-virus?"
  • Yes turn it off. During installation and during play.

  • "I'm trying to run this using Applocale..."
  • Does not work with applocale in any way, shape or form. Don't use it.

  • Make sure you are not still seeding the torrent when you play because the bittorrent client locks your files into read-only and causes problems with saving.
  • Still having problems? Have a look at our extended troubleshooting thread.