Welcome to Fuwanovel! An Otome Game (乙女ゲーム) is an adventure game where the main goal, besides progressing the story, is to develop a romantic relationship between the player (a female) and one of several male characters. Basically you get to act like the female lead in the shoujo/josei mangas surrounding yourself with all the hot bishies, fall in love with them and make the guys fall for you too.
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Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit (Sukisho! First Limit)
Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit (Sukisho! First Limit) Banner Image
One day, Sora mysteriously falls from the window of an upper floor in the school building. After he was released from hospital and returning to the school dormitory, his friend Matsuri tells him he has a new roommate, Sunao. A ver...
Date translated: Oct 30, 2014
Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~
Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ Banner Image
The fandisc to Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~.
Date translated: Jun 04, 2014
DRAMAtical Murder re:connect
DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Banner Image
Contains afterstories of each ending presented in the original game, as well as character backstories and side stories.
Date translated: Nov 03, 2013
Girlish Love Revolution (NDS)
Girlish Love Revolution (NDS) Banner Image
(NDS + Emulator) The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa, was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight...
Date translated: May 02, 2012
Prince Maker 2 ~Braveness~
Prince Maker 2 ~Braveness~ Banner Image
Prince Maker Braveness is a free Chinese game by Alfagame. Raise a Prince into one of many different jobs. Different raising tactics lead to different endings.
Date translated: May 30, 2012
Kuro no Tsuki
Kuro no Tsuki Banner Image
Kuro no Tsuki tells the story of two royal brothers, Roland and Altraud. A sudden change in the once-kind Roland brings about the downfall of their kingdom and a hurt Altraud, having lost everything, begins the search to find out ...
Date translated: Jun 05, 2013
Animamundi –Dark Alchemist–
Animamundi –Dark Alchemist– Banner Image
All-AgesDark ThemesDramaFantasySupernatural
"I shall give thee all kinds of dark ecstasy..."
One day, while Georik is away, Lillith is accused and tried for witchcraft by an angry mob of villagers -- her head is chopped off and her body burned! Somehow Georik manages ...
Date translated: Jun 03, 2013
DRAMAtical Murder
DRAMAtical Murder Banner Image
Among the young people of the Former Residents District, a certain game has become popular. In "Liebstiez", teams are created and days of human-bullet turf wars unfold.
Date translated: Apr 26, 2013
Hadaka Shitsuji
Hadaka Shitsuji Banner Image
Dark ThemesDramaMystery
One day Tomoaki receives a strange flyer with an easy job offer paying 30,000 yen per day. The address actually led Tomoaki to a beautiful big house with lots of stewards. It turns out that the owner of the residence would be away...
Date translated: Apr 01, 2013
Hatoful Boyfriend HolidayStar
Hatoful Boyfriend HolidayStar Banner Image
This is a Fandisc to Hatoful Boyfriend. It's described as a diversion from the main storyline of the original game. It has a host of new characters.
Date translated: Dec 25, 2012
Togainu no Chi
Togainu no Chi Banner Image
Dark ThemesDramaMystery
A young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears & offers him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura's strongest man: the king, or "Il re".
Date translated: Jul 21, 2012
Boku no Shokora
Boku no Shokora Banner Image
"I will exchange your younger brother back to you in return for your homemade chocolate."
Date translated: Apr 03, 2012
The Second Reproduction
The Second Reproduction Banner Image
Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Demon Lord’s head, and to bring peace to the land.
Date translated: Feb 20, 2012
Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~
Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~ Banner Image
Starry Sky takes place at Seigatsu Gakuen, a school which specializes in horoscopes, astronomy and other related topics. The main characters are all based on horoscopes.
Date translated: Dec 03, 2010
Yo-Jin-Bo ~Unmei no Freude~
Yo-Jin-Bo ~Unmei no Freude~ Banner Image
Sayori, a modern high school girl finds a mysterious pendant which causes her to enter a strange dream where she resumes the body of Hatsuhime and is given the chance to avert the princess's terrible fate.
Date translated: Oct 30, 2006