Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ Main Art
  • Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~
  • Company: Honeybee
  • Release date: Dec 10, 2010
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Freeware: No
  • Genres: All-Ages, Drama, Romance, School-Life
  • VNDB
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Summary: The fandisc to Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~.

After Spring takes place in Autumn, when the students of Seigatsu Gakuen are busy with preparations for the upcoming culture festival. They’re holding an exhibition, and some advisors from USA came to help the students. Yahisa Tsukiko, along with her childhood friends Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, was surprised to see their friend Tomoe Yoh there. Yoh came to see her in March, but left for America by the end of Spring. It turns out that Yoh is one of the advisors, and he’s staying in Japan until the culture festival is over.
  • Team
    Coordinator/Project leader(s): Raizu and Mimi_Melody
    Translator(s): ritsuki1130, amuletcross, forgetfuldreamer, natsu09, LaCaL, LynnHae, Kiekie895, Densanki, anmeichan, Choulicio, Everlasting Butterfly,< Nereid, Afifa, Loren, MizukoAoki, Touma, ammaiyummy, Verdelish, Laramie Castiel, and tsuki lover.
    Editor(s): Lyndis, AoyamaReika, SiddleBuns, and Sayuri
    Tester(s): Laramie and Verdelish
    Hacker(s): Rozenberg and some_loli_catgirl
  • Completed: Jun 04, 2014
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1) Run Starry.bat (only needed once)
2) Use STSKAFSP.exe to run game.