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Sweet Pool
Sweet Pool Banner Image
Aarinfantasy people. Translator: Miyosha, Medicine, shiningthing, leoleo00
Editors: Unknown
Patcher: Unknown
+ Valandra (could be an editor)
100% translated. A 100% translated and 43% edited beta-patch has been released.
Lamento Banner Image
koinz: Combining scripts, inserting game text for Asato route, Asato script
klal: inserting game text for Rai route, wordwrapper, proofreader
Berugii: translation-checker, proofreader, Rai script
No status update available.
PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~
PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~ Banner Image
Translator: Lilly
44% translated
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Banner Image
Project Administrator: stellarroze
Translators: divina126, yuvie, yu_eriyama, Amuletcross, NuitNoire, Atikal, ask-the-mock-turtle
Editors: Suzubelle-chan, Pandora, Daeyamati
43% translated, 27% edited